Why Get a Big Floor Standing Speaker?
     The answer is simple... because they sound better.
     The speaker's job is to move back and forth to push the air. This makes sound. A little speaker has to move back and forth and travel a lot farther to push the air to produce adequate sound pressure levels for the enjoyment of music or a movie.
     A big speaker pushes a lot more air and moves a lot less. Since it moves less, it is more tightly controlled and therefore has less distortion.
     It also is a lot harder to produce low frequency sounds than high frequency, so big speakers are needed to make bass.
     Speakers are in cabinets, so the front and rear wave do not cancel the sound out. To reproduce low frequencies, bass, the air in that cabinet is itrinisically related to the size of the woofer (the speaker that makes bass) and how low bass frequencies are produced.
     While mid-sized, "bookshelf" speakers can do pretty good with bass, people who are limited in space usualy add a subwoofer, dedicated just to make low bass. Small speakers, hanging on a wall, mounted in a wall, or in the ceiling definitely need s subwoofer for bass.
     Since most subwoofers are just square boxes, another key advantage of full size, tower... floor standing speakers, is you don't need a subwoofer.
     While people shy away from floor speakers as big and ugly, they actually can fit in a room on either side of a TV, without a sub, and create a balanced look in a room and fantastic sound.
     Often the fit and finish of floor standing speakers, being larger, more expensive is far better than smaller speakers, so they can look more like furniture.
      So, come to Alterman Audio, bring your wife and let her see our various floor standing models. And give them a listen. We have floor standing models, with real walnut veneer cabinets starting at just $799 a pair.
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