Our Top Selling Golden Ear Loudspeakers
       Featured prominently on the cover of The Absolute Sound magazine, the Golden Ear Technology Triton Reference was Loudspeaker of the Year. They sell for $9995 pair.
       Your first reaction might be, my gosh, for that much money they should be loudspeaker of the year. Actually, this magazine reviews and critics high end audio components that sell for ten times that price. Yes, you can buy a pair of loudspeakers for your home, not intended for a recording studio, or any type of professtional application for $100,000... and many times more.
        So, an audio perfectionist loudspeaker for $9995 is almost reasonable.
        The first Golden Ear Triton was the Triton Two and it sells for $4000 a pair. It has almost as good of sound reproduction quality as the Reference, because they share significant differences from most speakers on the market, that are in the Golden Ear Triton Reference.
        Those two key ingrediants that make the Golden Ear Tritons so different and special, are a different kind of tweeter and a built-in powered subwoofer.
     In 1972, Sandy Gross and Mathew Polk started Polk Audio. They were frends who loved music and hi-fi at John Hopkins University. Years later, Sandy left Polk to become a movie producer in Hollywood. But, that wasn't his cup of tea and he started a second speaker company in 1990 and called it Defnitive Technology. He built that up in a mega million dollar brand and sold it in 2004. He was going to retire, but his passion for music and perfectionist sound reproduction motivated him to create his third company. He called it GoldenEar Technology.
     The speakers of Golden Ear Technology have become, perhaps, the most highly reviewed and coveted brand of loudspeakers. They have received award after award. To find out more and understand the unique technology and differences in the models... click here.
Shown above, the cover of The Absolute Sound magaine. The cover shows the Golden Ear Triton Reference. Everything in the new Reference was improved. The HFVH (Heil) tweeter has 50% more magnetic energy. A new technique was devised to attached the cones to their frames. New DSP processing engine creates simply extraordinry quick, deep, sonically powerful bass. And this is the first Golden Ear to use a real wood, hand rubbed gloss piano black finish. Price $9995 pair. The Triton Reference was given top honors by Stereophile magazine, Class A Full Range. Other speakers to receive that ratings were$30,000 to $60,000.
Golden Ear
Triton Seven
$1600 pair
Golden Ear
Triton Five
Golden Ear
Triton Two_
Introduced December 2018. Shown here, the original Triton One, Loudspeaker of the Year 2014. Now all the improvements developed for the Triton Reference are incorporated in the drivers, crossover and amps of the new Triton 1.R. Plus, a hand rubbed piano wood finish instead of a cloth sock. This loudspeaker re-creates uncanny musical realism. Two 5 1/4 mid bass, three 5 by 9 racetrack woofers, and 1600 watt powered subwoofer built-in.  54 in tall.
Golden Ear
Triton 1.R
The least expensive Golden Ear floor standing tower. It still includes the Heil Air Motion transformer tweeter. The HVFH tweeter creates not coming from a box sound. Two 5/4 in. cast basket woofers coupled with dual planar sub-bass radiators. No powered sub. 39 3/4 in tall.
The Triton 5 is loved by audiophiles, who shy away from powered subwoofers. Two 6 in cast basket, long throw woofers make excellent bass. FOUR side mounted, inertially balanced planar sub-bass radiators insure low frequency response. HVFH tweeter. 44 1/4 in tall.
The Triton Two is simply an amazing loudspeaker at an amazing price. The Heil (HFVH) tweeter generates high frequencies with realism and makes the music and singers not sound like they are coming out of a box. Each tower has a 1200 watt built-in powered sub. But, unlike normal power subs, which use big heavy slow cones the Triton Two uses two 5 by 9 inch racetrack, lightweight, low inertial drivers to make low bass. They are fast and musical. There are two 7 by 9 inch Quadratic Planar infrasonic radiators, one on each side. HVFH tweeter and two 4 1/2 in cast basket midwoofers. This is our best selling speaker.  48 in tall.