I was standing on a ladder, painting the Alterman Audio sign, you see here. A car drove up. I sold that guy an AR-XA turntable. That was in February 1973... 51 years ago. This was an uptown converted, one-room barber shop and the rent was $75 a month!
     How could little old Alterman Audio have survived against giants like Best Buy, and later Amazon and the ten or fifteen competitive audio stores that used exist in New Orleans?
    The answer is simple... SOUND ADVICE!
     Not so much salesmanship, but educating. Teaching about the technology in easy to understand plain English. Not selling you an extended warranty, but doubling the warranty for free. Not charging for tech advice for a year, but offering free Sound Advice forever, and even to non-AA customers.
     A philosophy of recommending better products, products we believed in, but also a philosophy that you don't have to spend a fortune to get really great sound or a really great TV.
     We try to know what's out there, not just what Alterman Audio sells. We go to shows, sometimes even taking all our employees. Finding employees with that same passion for music and great sound quality, and an ability to explain about our products has made our success. We even had a 30th Anniversary employee reunion and 138 people came from all around the country.
     When Alterman Audio opened for business in 1973 there was no CD player. But, we sold the first. There was no home VCR. But, we sold the first. There was no flat panel TVs. But, we sold the first. There was no such thing as a Camcorder. But, we sold it first. We showed the first working prototype[e DVD player in the USA. We also missed by 2 weeks, making the very first digital audio recording in the entire US.

51st Anniversary Sale