The Alterman Audio Alternative ... Sound Advice

Instead of sales spiels we explain and teach, so you can make a smart buying decison

At Alterman Audio we'll demo our TVs with Saints, LSU and and 4K videos of Disney, Audubon zoo, parades... things you have seen with your own eyes

At Alterman Audio you can sit down in a sofa, like in your living room, and listen and compare

Today they call it Tech Support, we call it Sound Advice, and our Sound Advice is free forever!

We have decades of expertise, designing, running wires and installing TVs and AV systems

Sound Advice ... a philsophy of selling, that really means teaching, educating ... explaining technology in easy to understand plain English

Sound Advice ... it isn't all about the equipment that matters, its your enjoyment of music and movies in your home

Sound Advice ... means honest recommendations based personal listening and comparisons of stereo (and home theater) components, analyzing magazine reviews, and most all, owning and enjoying the same recommended equipment, because we love what we sell

Sound Advice ... means Technical Support FOREVER. Not for 90 days, not for a year. Whether you have a question about hooking things up, running wires, internet music, interfacing with a product you didn't buy from Alterman Audio, etc, we will answer your question.

Sound Advice ... on what you need. Do you need a 55 inch or want a 65 or 75 inch TV ... that's a harder question. But, unlike other stores that are always selling up, we look at your room, we ask how you watch... and listen. We recommend choices, and explain the pros and cons of each.

Sound Advice ... on what brand to buy. It is all a matter of opinion. We have definitive recommendations and we explain those recommendations in detail. Over the decades we have been lucky enough to sell the brands we love.

Sound Advice ... includes where to put things. This is far more important than most people think. We ask people to send us photos of the four walls of their rooms. Sometimes we do a "walkthrough" to evaluate the installtion requierments.

Sound Advice ... Nobody has more experience, more know-how, more technical expertise than our Head of Installation.




All those wires gets complicated. Don't let a kid do it!
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Alterman Audio is Now On Causeway
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Metairie next to Men's Wearhouse

Top Rated by leading audiophile magazines, The Elac Debut Reference 5.2 is only $599 pair

World famous speaker engineer, Andrew Jones took the ultra affordable and highly  praised Debuts and created the Debut Reference shown here. Bookshelf model $599 pair and floor standers $1200 pair. Please do your  ears a favor  and come listen. New floor standing models and UniFi 2.0 in stock too

ELAC Debut 5.2 bookshelf Black Friday $199 pair



Alterman Audio Store Hours:
11 am to 6 pm  Monday thru Saturday

We will match or beat big box store pricing on the products they sell that we sell too
... but our Sound Advice ... that helps you make an educated purchase, and technical support forever after the sale is why people come back to us after all these decades

... and our lead installer isn't some kid with 20 hours of training... he been our right hand man for over 30 years

We have Sony 43, 49, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch TVs in stock to take home or we can install AT THE SAME PRICE AS BEST BUY OR AMAZON

New Marantz 2020 8K ready Receivers announced  read more click here  New Marantz 30 series Amp and SACD player arriving soon

NEW DENON receivers with 8K now arriving
Denon AVR-4700 9 channel receiver that powers 3 zones $1699 now in stock
Denon AVR-6700 11 built in amps $2499 now in stock
Denon AVR-S960 7.2 channel receiver 90 watts x 7 2 zones Now In Stock $650
for more info click here

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 surround system. $999
Shown here one of the best sounding, small size, affordable surround sound speaker systems. Each  Prime Sat has a high quality  4 inch woofer and aluminum dome tweeter. Price: $135 each!. The SB-1000 Sealed Box sub offers a 12 inch woofer, while most $500, $600 or $700 subs usually have only an 8 inch. At Alterman Audio we match the SVS on  line package price of $999 for 5 satellites and the powered sub. Match with the brand new Yamaha RXV4 5.1 receiver and you have a great surrsound system for less than $1500. We will run the wires and install it all too.