... and compact, wall mountable speakers great for surround sound, like this SVS Prime Sat 5.1 system
We have the speakers for your 2 channel music playback system, for your home theater system and your outdoor patio
DebudLike this brand new magnificent audiophile grade Marantz Model 40N with built-in Wireless Streaming via the HEOS APP. MORE
Bookshelf size like these KLH. Walnut cabinet. Kevlar woofers and aluminum  dome tweeter. A really good compact speaker with bass. TEN YEAR WARRANTY. $299 pair.  MORE
Sony SXRD Projectors are used in movie theaters around the world. While settle for an 85 inch flat panel when you can have a fantastic 165 inch real movie theater sized screen. You will be amazed at how wonderful these 4K projectors are. Let Alterman Audio design and install a great real movie sized homne theater in your house.
AUDIO-TECHNICA   DUAL   PRO-JECT   DENON. Turntables start at $199.      more
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SAVE $400 DENON 95W x 7  $799
GoldenEar Triton Reference. GoldenEar Triton One.R
Never Before Ultra Low  Holiday Prices...   MORE
We Have
We Have Amps and Preamps
DENON AVRX2700 2 ZONE AV RECEIVER. Bluetooth, WiFi built in. HEOS wireless music built-in. Phono input.    READ MORE
CLICK HERE for more info on our besting Sony ES GoldenEar Surround Sound System
AudioQuest makes high quality cables. HDMI cables carry audio, 4K video and control and are critical to a good picture and sound. We have speaker cables, optical cables. internets and all kinds of various adaptors.
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We have headphones: Bluetooth wireless, RF wireless; wired; in ear, on ear, noise canceling. Really good ones and some very affordable ones.
We run the wires and install it all too. We been designing, installing and doing service on stereo component systems and home theater systems for decades
Audio-technica AT-LP140X. $480. Our recommendation as the Best Value audiophile grade turntable on the market.  Direct Drive. Pitch control. Plays 78s. Heavy, anti vibration base. Platter coated with rubberized anti vibration to improve sound
LED, OLED, QLED...  What's the Difference.  Come to Alterman Audio and we will explain in easy  to  understand plain English. See videos of parades, the zoo, stuff  you have seen with your own eyes, not fancy great looking stuff designed to make any TV look great.  We run the wires and install it all too.  And, remember, at Alterman Audio our prices are no more than Best Buy, Amazon, or other big box stores. Plus you get Alterman Audio Lagniappe.
DENON DRA800 100 WATT STEREO RECEIVER.$699. Real true audio power 100 watts. Direct Phono input Buillt-in DAC, Wi-Fi Bluetooth. HEOS Wireless music system with built in Apps. Our top seller.
PIONEER VSXLX504. $999. NINE BUILT-IN 120 WATT AMPS. 3 ZONES. Phono. Bluetooth. Wi-Fi. Built-in Music Apps... a true super value
T-LP5X $449. Audiophile version of Audio-technica's top selling DJ style Direct Drive tur