Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable. $399.

       The city of Litovel is just east of Prague. In Litovel one of the most advanced precision manufacturing factories in the world. They have been making turntables for over fifty years. The Pro-Ject turntables are sold all over the world. Critics and pundits in magazine reviews around the world have hailed the ability of these fine record players to extract pure musical sounds out of the vinyl records.
      Musicians and audiophiles always felt something was missing from the digital CD sound. Now, young people are understanding that there is a certain warmth, soul, realism, that brings music to the soul. Putting on a record, takes a little effort, and therefore one listens to the music.
      Perhaps the introduction of the first Debut turntable in the late 1990s help lead this rebirth of a format that was considered dead. No, dead and buried. Gone.
      The Debut was a high quality vinyl record playing device that allowed the music to be reproduced
with astonishing high fidelity at a very affordable price.
      Shown here in red, but available in seven colors, the current “Debut Carbon DC” is the latest version of this turntable.
DC means direct current. The brand new version uses a frequency DC driven AC generator motors. This is similar to what optional add-on Speed Box utilizes. It increases speed stability in the rotation of the platter. A new TPE motor suspension has been incorporated.
      The Debut “CARBON” name comes from the use of a carbon fiber tonearm. This material is very rigid and yet very has a very low mass. Remember, the tiny stylus has to be held by the tonearm, as it tracks across the record. The tiny stylus has to pull that big tonearm. The tonearm must be light, yet rigid, and have very low friction. Carbon Fiber has been used in tonearms before, but usually high end expensive models. Use of a Carbon Fiber tonearm in such an affordable, precision turntable results in accurate extraction of the music from the grooves in the record.

Ultra low inertia low friction Carbon Fiber Tonearm
8.6 inch tonearm
Belt drive to reduce rumble
Increased platter diameter and weight
Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
New DC power supply with ultra precision DC driven AC generator
Felt mat
New TPE motor suspension
Magnetic phono cartridge pre-mounted
Ortofon 2M Red
Available in Gloss black, shiny red, green, blue, yellow, silver or white at the same price
A true Audiophile Best Buy