Sony Elevated Standard:
ES is Built Better
to Sound Better
With a Different Design Philosophy... Less is More.
 The audio business is very competitive. Company A adds a feature, so Company B's new models includes that feature, plus another. And so it goes. More and more and more features. But, prices have to remain competitive too.
     Today, all but the least expensive models include Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, USB inputs that play music files, operation via a App from your phone, etc. etc. All these features cost money, money for parts, money for license fees and money for programming.
     So, compromises are made. Cheaper parts are used. Fewer parts are used. But, this means compromises in sound.
     Sony's ES Receiver line was developed after extensive surveys with its dealers, evaluations of what features are really wanted vs those that are rarely used.
     All of Sony ES (
Elevated Standard) line of receivers forego most of those "bells and whisles" to acheive higher sound quality... meaning more guts in the amp, and higher quality parts. Only Sony ES offers a Five Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Yet, most of these features are still available, just not built-in. These are home theater receivers intended to be hooked up to a TV. For years, modern TVs are Smart TVs. They... theTVs have built-in Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth and connect to the internet. The TVs have built-in Apps to get Netlix, Amazon Prime and others. These are for movies. They also have ability to get Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and other music apps. The sound goes from the TV, via the Audio Return Channel, to the receiver and comes out your high quality speakers.
     So, why build it into a receiver, too.
     The Sony STRZA1100ES is a 7.2 channel receiver. That means it has seven amplifiers built-in. Each of these amps is rated 100 watts per channel, over the full audio range, 20 to 20,000 Hz with .09% THD into 8 ohms. Please take note, this is a real audio rating. The parameters of a power ratings are just as important as the number. You are not supposed to add channels together. The rated power in watts can go way up, if you allow for more distortion (and in some cases power is rated at 10% distortion). That's a high rate of distortion. Additional, power is rated at 4 ohms, but most speakers are 8 ohms. If you rate an amp at 4 ohms you get a higher power rating. If you rate an amp at the easy to drive 1 kHz mid range frequency you get a high power rating. We can hear from 20 cycles per second (Hertz) to 20,000. Audio amplifier power should be rated over the full audio range.
     The STRZA1100ES weighs in at 27.8 pounds. The bigger power transformer, filter capacitors and general high quality build is shown by this weight.
     Years of audio perfectionist component designs are reflected in these ES receivers. Details, even a special 2nd generation ES solder is used. Special vibration analysis determines where screws are placed. Structural rigidity effects sound. Glass expoxy circuit boards are used. While other receivers use one DSP processor, Sony ES use 3 DSP processors tied together to increase the processing power and improve sound quality. It like using 3 computers instead of one.
     This Sony includes Dolby Atmos, which allows for in ceiling height speakers. With the 7 built-in amps you can set up a 5.2.2. Atmos system. The receiver decodes high resolution multi channel audio with Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio HD.
     The STRZA1100ES is a Three Zone receiver. You can set up a 5.2 system in your den and power a pair of speakers outside on your patio or in your bedroom. There are two HDMI outputs to feed video to the second zone. There are preamp outputs for Zone 3, and Zone 2. So you can use the built-in amps to power a 7.2 system in the den and use preamp outputs and additonal amps for Zone 2 and Zone 3.  
     HDMI inputs are 2.0a for all 5 inputs. Two HDMI outputs. They pass 4K video including HDR (High Dynamic Range) including Dolby Vision, including 4:4:4 color.
     NEW iMAX ENHANCED. Announced at the CEDIA show in September 2018, iMAX and DTS have created a new standard of high quality video and high quality sound. With a firmware upgrade this ES receiver will meet the specs and be iMAX Enhanced.
     Digital Cinema Audio Calibration. Sony's Pro Audio division pioneered digital audio calibration using Sony's advanced propritary chips and Sony mics. Sony ES receivers use a stereo mic for calibration to get more accurate readings. The processor checks speaker connections, check phase, adjusts for room acoustics, and measures and adjust for speaker distances.
     On Screen Activity Remote. Sony's home menu offers Activity screens... Watch, Listen, etc. Instead of a list of inputs, a very intuitive menu is provided. This is a Sony, the leader in video, so these on line graphics are very high quality.
     System Setup and Integration. Designed for multi channel surround sound and whole house audio. Built-in an HDMI color test generator that measures 4K resolution and color levels... and can check your HDMI cable before you run it into the wall. In Ceiling mode. So many systems these days use all speakers in the ceiling. Activate the in ceiling mode and sonic adjustments compensate. You can use your computer and a spreadsheet type listing to set input and settings. PING quickly idenifies connections.
     Features: As the creator of the first 4K products for film creation, film projector from lens to screen, Sony knows to get the best picture and sound you want a 4K Blu ray player. Sony also knows progress made often every year or so on Wi-Fi ability. So by adding a affordable 4K Blu-ray player you which has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in you can play music from your phone, play music from music servers, plug a USB drive in with High resolution music, but you get the superior sound quality of a Sony ES receiver... and a Five Year Warranty.
      The STRZA1100ES. $1099