Why Alterman Audio Only Recommends Sony TVs...
When you watch the Saints, almost every picture you see, is created with a Sony Broadcast camera. NBC's Lester Holt, Saturday Night Live, the PBS News Hour, Fox Sports, and the list goes on and on. Plus, movies like James Bond are "filmed' with Sony film origination cameras. So, why wouldn't use a Sony TV to get the best picture
There are two basic kinds of TV made today:  LED and OLED. Sony was the first to manufacture both kinds, Light Emitting Diode LCD TVs and Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs
Sony made the first Full HD 1080 TV and Sony made the first 4K. Sony 4K video projectors are used in commercial movie theaters around the world. Sony made the first 4K TVs for home use also.
The Sony XR and X-1 Processor enhance your TV's picture object by object. Stored in the processor's memory are thousands of pristine video immages, from Sony's broadcast and film origination cameras. Incoming video is compared, object by object, not frame by frame. The object is compard twice the the video database store in the processor. Image quality is enhanced for color, clarity, upsampled and contrast.
Sony was the first TV maker to connect to the internet. All Sony TVs use the Google operating system. You can choose among thousands of Apps. Not only Netflix, Amazon Prime, but YouTube, music Apps, specialized Apps, all can be added and controlled from your remote, from your phone or actually speaking to the TV.
Quality and Sony go hand in hand. Manufacturing products with the highest performance, but also the highest reliability. We have customers with Sony TVs over 30 years old still working fine. A Sony TV might cost a little more (but not much) but Sony makes a product that lasts.