This is the Brand New Sony XBR900F Series.
It Produces an Absolutely Fantastic Picture.
You Can Afford It!
The 65 inch is $2199. CHECK FOR LATEST PRICES!!!
     Sony made the first 1080P flat Panel. That TV was also the first LED TV. It used separate red, green and blue LEDs for the widest range of color.
     Sony made the first 4K televisions. Back in 2004!
     Sony makes the cameras that shoot 4K.
     Sony makes the projectors that movie theaters use to show 4K movies.
     Sony innovations and in house expertise result in the best televisions you can buy.
     Yet, with this brand new, very affordable, 900F Series, Sony has outdone itself.
     This TV uses FULL ARRAY BACKLIGHT. This means the LEDs that light up the screen are behind the screen, instead of along the perimeter, like most TVs.    
     The Full Array Backlight allows precision Local Dimming. The circuitry turns the LEDs behind bright objects up to produce more light. Dark parts of the screen have the LEDs turned down.
     Orginally Sony use separate red, green and blue LEDS to produce a fuller range of colors. Sony's original 4K models used Quantum Dots and Blue LEDs to create more natural colors. Now Sony's advanced technology produces the widest range of color, and more accurate color and Sony calls this Triluminous.
     The 900F uses Sony most advanced processor called the X1 Extreme Processor. This was previously found on the very high end Z series mega LED models and Sony OLED high TVs.
     The X1 Extreme processor millions of video segments embedded from Sony professional film and broadcast origination cameras. Incoming video is compared object by object for upsampling and for High Dynamic Range. The result is an amazing picture for such a reasonable price.
     Available in 49 in, 55 in, 65 in, 75 in and 85 inch.