It's the Processing ...
     At Alterman Audio, our go to,  top recommended and top selling TV is the Sony XBR 950H  Series. When people see the picture,  we get oozs and ahs, and that "picture is amazing."
     Maybe its because we are cheating. Or are we? We show pictures that people have seen themselves. Mardi Gras. The Audubon Zoo. Applebees, just up the street. Real native 4K videos we shot  ourselves.
     So... as is that cheating? We used an $799 home use, Sony native 4K HandyCam. Perhaps, just as important the videos were not enhanced with Photoshop.
     People are amazed.

     It the Sony X-1 Ultimate Processor.
     Do you ever watch a Saints game? Almost every picture you see is created by a Sony Broadcast camera. How about the PBS Newshour. How about Saturday Night Live? Pristine images from these state-of-the-art cameras, plus from Sony film origination cameras are stored in the X-1 Ultimate Processor. Thousands of near perfect images.
     You know how your phone can recognize a face? Well, when the video image is received by the TV, the processor runs it through a database. Thousands of images are compared, OBJECT BY OBJECT, with the incoming signal. It  runs through the database twice. And when the incoming video matches an object, the processor corrects the clarity, the color and various other parameters, including upsampling it from HD to 4K video.
     Other brand TV processors improve the picture, "scene by scene" which really means the entire video frame. Sony's X-1 Ultimate does this object by object on the screen.

The Sony XBR-950H Full Array Backlight
     Sony made the first home use TV to offer Full HD or 1080 lines of resolution. Sony made the first native 4K TV. Sony made the first LED TV.
     Most LED TVs, including lesser expensive Sony models, have a row of LEDs on the right side and a row on the left. Through light guides the LEDs light up the screen. When the LCD pixels opaque, they stop the light and create black on the screen. When each pixel lets all the light through you see white. Red, green and blue pixels vary the light and create the color picture. Most LED TVs are edge lit.
XBR 950H Series is a Full Array Backlight. Instead of a row of LEDs along the edge, the Full Array Backlight has LEDs behind the screen. So, if you have a bright object, like a setting sun, the LEDs behind the sun, put out more light than the LEDs elsewhere on the screen. This is called Local Dimming. It dramatically increases the contrast.
     The new XBR 950H Series ... Sony's Best Processor, Full Array Backlight, pretty  good TV speakers. Special wide angle viewing. Built-in Bluetooth. Built-in Wi-Fi and Android operating system that lets you choose among 5000 various Aps you can add to your home menu.


XBR49X950H 49 inch. Now $999
XBR55X950H  55 inch Now $1199
XBR65X950H  65 inch Now $1599
XBR75X950H 75 inch Now $2599
XBR85X950H 85 inch Now $3799