A Really Good Sounding Home Theater System at a Really Good Price!
     For the price of a good sound bar you can get a true 5.1 system that creates a truly stunning home theater expereince!
     As more and more people buy new 4K TVs they find they can't understand voices, and those skinny TVs Have really pooor sound.
     Why? It is simple really. Ultra thin TVs have no room for a decent size speaker. A speaker's job is to move bck and forth to push the air and make sound. The bigger a speaker is, the less it has to move, and the more air it pushes.

     The New SVS Prime Satellite. Shown here is the brand new SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 system. To do surround sound right you need five speakers. The front main mounted to the left and right of your TV. The surround speakers, right and left in the back of the room are on the sides of your main listening position. And a center speaker. This goes above or below the TV. Most voices come out of the center.
     The subwoofer reproduces low powerful bass. You can have a full surround system without a subwoofer, if you use full size floor standing speakers that can reproduce the deep bass.
     Who is SVS? It is a two decade old company that got a new owner and ntroduced a new line of powered subwoofers a few years ago. These new products got rave reviews and SVS is up and growing. Now they have floor standing towers and bookshelf models.
     The SVS Prime Satellight. $135 each. This is a compact, high quaity two-way loudspeaker. It is built for far higher grade parts than normally found in such a small, and affordable speaker. It is only 8.75 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It weighs 6 pound and can be easily mounted on the wall with a single screw into the sheetrock uses its keyhole slot.
     It is available in black ash, piano white and piano black for $40 extra each.
     A 1 inch diameter aluminum dome tweeter reproduces high frequencies above 2.3 kHz. Aluminum is lightweight for less inertia allow fast transient response. An FEA optimized diffuse smooths and spreads high frequencies. The tweeter is protected by a wire mesh grille.
     A 4.5 inch mid-woofer has a polypropylene cone for low distortion pistonic movement. An aluminum shorting ring reduces gap inductance lowering distortion. Cast ABS fiberglass composite basket insures component alignment and helps disappate heat along with a vented voice coil former.
     FEA was also utilized in designing the cabinet to reduce resonance. Special attention in engineering design maintained phase coherency in the crossover.These speakers include unprecented detail detail for such a low price system. You can hear the differnece.
          The SVS SB-1000 Powered Sub. $499. Four things stand out about the SVS SB-10 subwoofer.
     Twelve Inch Bass Driver. Most $500 powered subs are 8 inch. The bigger 12 inch woofer move air, makes lower bass frequencies, plays louder and handles more power.
      Front Fireing. Many subs down fire, so the woofer couples to the floor. These creates boomy bass. The woofer should fire at you for a nore viseral impact and better transient detail. You don't want to point your speaker at the floor.
     Sealed Box. Almost all subwoofers use a ported designed. This allows a bump in the bass response. It increases the lower bass output. Most non critical listeners perceive this as better. But a ported design creates two resonances, the bass rolloff is not smooth, and it is very steep. All experts agree a sealed box design produces a smooth gradual rolloff, actually deep deep bass frequency response, and better transient details. SVS makes both designs at the same price points. SVS shows detailed product measurements rarely shown by any manufacturer. Alterman Audio always recommends a sealed box design.
It comes in White! Time and time again, people ask for a white subwoofer. It is just less noticeable in the room. Even speaker brands that make white speakers often do not have white subs.
     The SVS SB1000 is only 13.5 inches high, 13 wide and 14.6 inches deep. It weighs 27 pound. It comes in black ash, and piano white and piano black are $200 extra.
     It has a special optimized high power voice coil and motor technology with a lightweight cone. The Sldedge STA300D digital amp produces 300 watts RMS and 720 watts peak. Most subwoofer companies only advertise the latter number. Standby mode only draws .5 watts. It has Auto on and off. It has banna plug speaker connections, stereo line level RCA inputs with a 80 H high pass filter. The low pass filter is variable or bypass in the LFE connection. A level control allows matching levels.

    The Pioneer VSX-532 Receiver. $279. We have been recommending and selling Pioneer for decades. This is Pioneer's new entry level model. But, by including the low price Sony Bluy-ray player described below, most of the features found in more expensive receivers are now added.
       This receiver is 5.1. This means it has five built-in amplifiers to drive a pair of front speakers, a pair of rear speakers and a center speaker. The ".1" refers to a RCA audio out that connects to a powered subwoofer.
      While you might find a sticker on this receiver at a big box store saying it is 750 watts, or 150 watts per channel, that is a very exaggerated number. It produces 150 watts at a very high distortion level of 10% and measured only at a very easy to drive frequency of 1000 Hz.
     Honest Watts 80 per channel. The wattage rating audio stores use, include the entire range of human hearing from 20 cycles per second or Hertz, to 20,000 Hz. It includes the ohms, which is usually 8 ohms and low distortion.
      The VSX-532 is rated 80 watts x 5, 20 to 20,000 Hz into 8 ohms @ 0.08% THD.
     It will play your movies quite loud.
     Includes the Latest 4K and HDR. With most TVs now 4K, and many include HDR High Dynamic Range, you can hook up a 4K Blu-ray player and it will pass 4K/60p/4:4:4 HDR10 signal passthrough, with HCP2.2 copy protection.
     Built-In Mic Room EQ. Pioneer introduced it first. This receiver comes with a mic that measures room acoustics and a built-in system called MCACC Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration system compensates for room acoustics, distance, speaker size etc.
     Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio HD. These are the high resolution audio formats found on Blu-ray movies discs. Each of the various channels offer a digital audio format with better sound than CDs. This receiver does not have Dolby Atmos. It has four HDMI inputs. (It also has 3 audio video old style yellow composite inputs which many receivers today only have one.)
     Built-In Bluetooth. You can connect your phone and send music etc to this receiver. It does not have built-in Wi-Fi ... but ... the Sony Blu-ray player does.

     The Sony BDP-3700 Blu-ray Player. $79. We include this because it plays Blu-ray movie discs for the highest quality 1080p (not 4K) picture and dramatically better sound than you can stream. It connects with built-in Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) to the internet and gives you internet radio, streaming like Pandora, Spotify etc. It can play music files from the USB input.
      It plays DVD movie discs, and most people do not realize that all Blu-ray players also play regular music CDs. Stick an old CD in, and compare it with the same song streamed over the internet. You will far more clarity, more detail, more depth. which sounds dramatically better.

The Components of Our System ...
     SVS Prime Satellite $135 ea x 5 = ..............$675
      SVS SB-1000 Powered Sub ........................$499
      Pioneer VSX-532 80 watts x 5 Receiver.......$279
      Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-ray ............................$ 79
      Total of Components... $1532

Prices for black ash. Gloss piano black and Gloss white are extra. Be sure to check out System Package Prices in store and our Lanappie