Elac is a 100 year old German Hi-Fi company, best known in the US for their turntables, back in the day. Pioneer started in 1938, and many consider their plasma TVs the best TVs ever made. Sadly they don't make TVs anymore, but they just introduced this brand new affordable CD player and Stereo receiver.
     The Pioneer SX-10 Stereo Receiver. $149. Most receivers these days are made for home theater. They have 5, 7, 9 or even 13 built-in amplifiers for all the surround speakers. But, music is recorded in two channel stereo designed to be listened to with a single front left and right speaker. Stereophonic. Almost all expensive preamps and amps are designed for music and include on two channels of amplification.
     Home Theater receivers also include HDMI inputs, coax and optical connections, room set up circuitry, video on screen stuff etc etc. This all cost money and drains the power supply from powering up the amps.
      This Pioneer old school receiver has on two channels with none of that, so the ampliers put out more juice, sound more dynamic and makes this unit much more affordable.
     Bluetooth. One thing not old school on this receiver is built-in Bluetooth. This allows you to "transmit" music on your phone from internet Apps like Pandora or Spotify, or music stored on your phone to this receiver and play it through its amps and the speakers.
     200 watts or Is It? Out of the box a retail sticker says this receiver has 200 watts. But, it should say 100 per channel or 100 x 2. But, this 200 watts we call Best Buy watts. It allows distortion to go up to 10.0% and only is measured on at the very easy to drive 1kHz frequency. We hear music from 20 cycles per second (Hertz) to 20,000 and an amp must amplifier all those frequencies. Audio watts, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is rated 45, both channels driven into 8 ohms over the full audio range 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz with 0.08% THD.
     While you certainly can spend more, get far more power, and many more features, this $149 receiver has enough power to drive most modern day speakers to quite loud levels and do with really great sound quality.

     It has 5 stereo inputs, no phono. (To hook up a turntable you need one with a built-in phono section, or buy an external preamp $35). It has Bluetooth. It has high quality large banana plug speaker connections, not the cheap push on type. It has Speaker A or B. It uses discrete output transistors. All for $149!
     The Pioneer PD-10 CD Player. $200. While the death of the CD is hyped, there were almost 100 million CDs sold in the US last year. And many people have lots of CDs. This is a high quality, affordable CD player.
     It features a center mounted CD drive, with torsion resistant steel chassis for a more rigid assembly... and tracking of the CDs. This player was designed for music CDs and does not use a cheap computer CD drive. It has a large power supply and converter board featuring AKM 192K 24bit DAC with a precision clock all critical for sound quality.
      The Elac Debut 5.2 Loudspeaker. $249 pair. These speakers have been "Disruptive" to the speaker business. They offer such unprecented music sound quality for unheard of low price.
     Andrew Jones was designer and engineer at the reknowned English speaker company KEF. When KEF's founded died he ended up at Pioneer, designing $80,000 a pair home speaker for the Technical Audio Devises division.
     Instead of paper cones the woofers use Aramid fibers which lightweight and rigidity. This tightens the bass and lowers distortion. Instead of plastic holders for the grille, Elac uses metal grille plugs that wont break. The Debut 5 uses a 7 element crossover.
    The magazine reviewers that critic $10,000 and $50,000 speakers have raved about the musical realism produced by these $249 a pair speakers.
    The Debut Series, 2nd Generation was introduced in mid 2018. Improvements include wood grain cabinet, front firing port allowing placement closer to the rear wall and higher efficency.

True High Fidelity Stereo Component System with Pioneer and Elac
Just $599