The Golden Ear SuperSat 3: $330 each satellite 5.1 system for home theater. This is our best selling home theater system. Included here is also a Sony ES AV receiver and and Sony 4K Blu-ray un
     This system offers unheard of features for convenience, the ability to play all types of discs, and reference quality musical reproduction ability heretofore unheard of for thousands more.
     The HVFH Tweeter: Golden Ear’s use of a unique tweeter technology allows Golden Ear speakers to reproduce clarity, detail, and realism that is only rivaled by extremely expensive, esotericspeakers. Magazine reviewers from around the world have exclaimed the virtues of Golden Ear speakers. All Golden Ear use the High Velocity Folded Horn tweeter and the result is a loudspeaker that sounds like music! Don’t forget, half of the enjoyment of a great movie is music and sound.
     The SuperSat 3 is only 12 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide. Perhaps more significant, it is 2.7 inches deep. So it can hang on the wall with a simple screw. It can mount on pivoting wall bracket with a screw on attachment. It can be placed on a shelf or table vertically or horizontally, or on matching floor stands. It allows easy placement on the side of your TV. And the center version sets horizontally above or below your TV. The rears are easily mountable, or you can use the in ceiling counterparts.
      The front baffle has indentations to minimize diffraction. It has two 4.5 inch cast basket woofers. A multi vaned phase plug and computer designed cone technology prevent interference from one side of the cone with the other. Other well engineered speakers have this, often for $3000!
     The SuperSat 3 is $250 each. We use two in the front, a SuperSat 3C Center, $250 and a pair of SuperSat 3 in the rear.
     ForceField 3. $600. This is an amazing powered subwoofer. With 1000 watts of digital power. The special 8 inch woofer produces powerful, dynamic, lifelike bass. Attention to detail includes the 2 inch thick rubberized feet to reduce vibration.
     Homogenized Sound. Another important design aspect of the Golden Ear sound is the blending of the drivers. The satelllites, whether sitting on a shelf or table, or mountedon the wall blend seamlessly with the subwoofer. All Golden Ear speakers have receied accolades on the smooth transition from tweeter, to midrange to woofers.
     The ES STRZA810ES $700. Sony ES is built better to sound better. ES stands for Elevated Standard. ES is a step-up
calibre of hi-fi components. A better power supply, higher grade digital chips, attention to detail, even the screws, all are included for higher sound quality. Better parts also means longer life. ES... Sony’s Elevated Standard line has a FIVE YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY!
     FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. I wanted to repeat that. Sony Five Year Parts and Labor Warra3,nty. No other AV receiver line, not even ultra, super expensive preamps and power amps have five year warranty.
     100 watts x 7. Sony ES amplifier circuitry is designed for sound quality and you can hear the difference.
     Two Zone. Listen to a movie in 5.1in your den, and simultaneously, listen to FM radio (there is no AM) or other source outside on your patio or in your bedroom with 2nd zone power.
     USB Music. Trending now is high resolution music. When you buy an album on iTunes, it is not CD quality. And yet, the CD is 35 year old technology. Other on-line music stores sell music in higher than CD quality. The CD has a sampling rate of 44,100 samples per second. High resolution music has higher than 44.1... 88.2, 96k or 192k. There another format called DSD or Direct Stream Digital. This is the format used on the SACD. It has a sample rate of 8,822,000 ... and you can buy music in this ultra high resolution file and put it on a hard drive or thumb drive and plug it into the Sony ES and it will play it!
     Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While, better AV receivers now connect to your internet, this Sony allows wireless connection to listen to music from your computer, NAS drive, Apple Airplay, internet vTuner, Pandora, Spotify and even Netflix. ... and your phone!
     Sony UPB-X800 $300. This is 4K UHD Blu-ray player. There are now 4K Blu ray movies which provides the highest quality picture and sound to your new 4K TV.
     When you stream 4K movies, you send about 15 Megabytes per second to your TV. When you play a 4K Blu-ray movie you send 100 Megabytes per second.
       This is a Universal disc player not just Blu-rays movie discs, but standard DVDs, regular music CDs and High resolution DVD-A and Super Audio CDs. SACDs
       Plus, it is wireless connection to the internet and gets Netflix and other lon line programming. You can listen to music from Pandora, Spotify etc.
Alterman Audio's Sony ES and Golden Ear On Wall 5.1 System
      SONY STRZA810ES 100 WATTS X 7 .................. .$700
      SONY UBP-X800 4K Blu-ray DVD CD player....... $300
      Golden Ear Technology SuperSat 3 speaker .......$330 ea x 5
      Golden Ear Technology ForceField 3 subwoofer $600
            TOTAL LIST PRICE OF COMPONENTS ........ $3250
       SONY offers promotions from time to time and our package price will always include current promotions
Alterman Audio's Best Selling Surround Sound System with Sony ES and Golden Ear