Technically, Its a Radio
Sonically, It's a Music Machine!
Visually, It's Furniture. $399
Stereo Radio with 60 watts of pure power that makes your music come alive.
Two-way speaker system with separate tweetrs and woofers for full range
Wake up to beautiful music or fall asleep to music
NFC Bluetooth for super easy connection to play music from your phone
Plays High resolution music files... better than CD quality for great sound
Plug in USB drive and see album art, song titles and play music
Plug in ethernet or use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet or local area network
Plug in analog audio from a CD, old cassette etc and get great sound
Plug in your TV via optical input and use this as a sound bar with great sound
Easy to navigaate with color screen... see album art and cool analog clock
NEW COMO AUDIO MUSICA WITH CD. $599. Just introduced, due to popular demand, people want to play music they love from their CDs. Walke up to your favorite music, or fall asleep. All the features of the Duetto, plus build-in CD player. White, walnut, hickory, piano black
COMO AUDIO SOLO. $299. Idenical to Duetto, but no stereo. Only one set of speakers with 30 watts. Woofer and tweeter. Great sound. More compact to fit on your night table or in your kitchen. White, walnut, hickoy and piano black