The Brand New Exciting, Really Cool, Marantz Stereo 70S Two channel Music Receiver. $999
Built-In HEOS Wireless Music Streaming
Built-In Bluetooth receive and Bluetooth transmit for wireless headphones
HDMI inputs for cable box, blu-ray player, X-Box, Playstation
ARC HDMI for 2 way connection to TV. Receives audio from TV
High Quality dynamic Marantz 75 watts 20 to 20kHz .08% THD 8 ohm real audio power
HDAM  exclusive Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module for improved slew rate. We explain what that is.
Marantz App for full control.  HEOS App for full control
Slim line very cool design
Built-in DAC Digital Audio Converter plays music from thumb drives or hard dries via USB
Plays music from your computer wirelessly
Plays High Resolution music files... better than CD quality up to 192k 24 bit and DSD
Wired headphone jack