The Magnificent Marantz
Model 40N Network Amplifier
It has come to pass, if you are an audiophile, and love  your music, and want your music to sound as if the musicians are in your living room, there is a multitude of choices. Preamps and amps from companies from around the world. Products built with the highest quality parts, careful audio perfectionist engineering, and high prices.
     It has also come to pass, that audio perfectionists are getting their music from the internet. There are now multiple choices of Music Apps that offer high quality streaming of music. Music with higher samplilng rates than the CD. Even Apple has joined the lossless revoluition
     Most of these excellent, high priced products do not include the ability to get high resolution audio from the internet.
     Introducing the new Marantz Model 40N, steaming audiophile integrated amp. $2500. For more INFO CLICK