Golden Ear Triton1.R
One Reference
     Hard on the heels of Golden Ear introducing one of the most amazing accomplishments in loudspeaker history, the Triton Reference, Golden Ear has re-done the Triton One.
     The Triton 1.R is a totally re-engineered Triton One or could be called the baby brother (or sister) of the Triton Reference.
     Their price $7500 pair.
     The original Triton One was introduced in 2014. Audio critics and pundits from The Absolute Sound, Stereophile magazine... in print, on line, from the US, and around the world raved at the musical integrity produced by this $5000 a pair speakers. Check out some of them re-printed below.
     Like all Golden Ear Triton floor standing models, the Triton One incorporated the HVFH, Heil type tweeter. Two 5 1/4 inch mid woofers, mounted in a D'Appolito Array are mated to three, racetrack, 5 by 9 inch powered subwoofers. The bass was augmented by four
flat planar sub base radiators. The three subwoofer drivers are powered by a 1600 watt DSP processing Class D amplifier. The speaker stands 54 inches tall.
     While we could list the same basic specs for the new Triton 1.R, it simply is not the same... not improved, but totally re-engineered.
      For starters, instead of a cost saving exterior black sock, the new 1.R is contained in a gorgeous, piano gloss black, hand rubbed real wood finish.
     NEW HVFH Tweeter. We have talked how the Golden Ear HVFH, High Velocity Folded Horn... Heil Air Motion transformer tweeter is key to the dramatic musical realism Golden Ear speakers re-create, the Triton 1.R has a totally new improved tweeter. The new Focused-Field magnet structures improve the control of the diaphragm's movement. It has twice the magnetic energy, is handles more power, and offers higher efficiency. A layer of veil has been removed to let you see through to the musicians and make the speakers disappear.
     Built-in to each tower is a 1600 watt amplifier to drive the three subwoofer drivers. It uses 52 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing). The speaker can be connected as a full range, or through the LFE Low Frequency Effects, line level subwoofer input. Remember, each tower has the built-in powered sub, offering many sonic advantages.
     Three newly designed racetrack shaped subwoofer drivers use a special polymer impregnated nomex cones. This improves rigidity, so under high power conditions reduces cone breakup. Huge magnet structures tightly control cone movement and transient response.
     Sandy Gross first introduced the concept of a powered subwoofer inside a tower speaker. Those designs used big, heavy cones, for low resonance and bass response, but the high moving mass resulted in poor transient response. These new racetrack Triton woofers are super fast and mate seamlessly with the mid-woofers and tweeter. The power, the realism, and the low frequency response of all the Tritons is amazing.
     Four, two per side, inertial balanced quadratic planar bass radiators also improve low frequency response.
     The 5 1/4 in mid-bass driver are all new too. A new method of bonding the cones to the speaker frame is utilized.
     Other improvements including special internal dampening, new wiring, special film capacitors in the crossover. Long fiber lambs wool rarely used these days, is used instead of regular fill.

"Once you hear what kind of sound is possible for $5000, you won't stop thinking about it.The Triton One are simply exceptional speakers, a 10 in our book." Digital Trends January 2015

"The Mid-Priced Loudspeaker of the Year.   The Triton Ones are one of the best buys in speakers, I've had a chance to hear at anything near their price"
The Absolute Sound December 2014

"We reviewed the Triton 7 and the flagship Triton One this year. While the Triton Seven is an outstanding speaker in its own right, if you have the means, Dennis Beerger recommends that you step up to the fantastic Triton One, calling as close to perfect as any speaker he has heard in a long time.What more can we say?" Home Theater December 2014

"These speakers absolutely embalm the competition. My point is that Golden Ear Triton One speakers are members of that rarest breeds which words can do little justice. you simply have to listen to them--no experience them." Sound and Vision July/August 2014

"It provides both extraordinary sound quality and value fob the money. It does not fall short in any single major area of performance. It is intensely musical and sells for semi-fordable $5000 pair. The Absolute Sound October 2014

and now the first review on the Triton One.R

"My time time spent reviewing GoldenEar Technology's flagship Triton Reference speaker in 2017 turned out to be something of an event--I had never before had the opportunity to listen with a serious full range tower speaker in my listening room, and absolutely like what I was hearing. To me, the Reference's $8498 seemed very fair for the quality and scale of sound that those speakers delivered."
     "Listening to the companies Triton One.R in the same space, I have to say I am even more floored than I was by the Reference. That's because the new model delivers equally full range sound, along with many of the same qualities that made the earlier speaker so impressive: clear fleshed-out mids; airy, transparent highs; and linear, low-reaching bass, courtesy of a built-in subwoofer, that lends itself equally well to music or movie soundtrack reproduction equally well... If I could pull a Spinal Tap and push the Triton One.R's value rating, past our usual maximum, I do it in a heartbeat." Sound and Vision January 2019