The New ELAC Debut 5 Bookshelf Speakers $229 pair

     ELAC is a 97 year German hi-fi company. They are best known in the USA during the hi-fi boom days for making turntables. More reently they have been making high quality loudspeakers with ribbon tweeters.
    Andrew Jones worked for the English company KEF and when the founder died, he ended up in the USA at Pioneer. Pioneer TAD or Technical Audio Devices makes high end speaker components for recording studio engineers. Andrew Jones designed $80,000 speakers for the high end perfectionist audio market. He also designed loudspeakers for Pioneer's upscale Elite brand and regular Pioneer.
    Andrew Jones didn't just pick a woofer and tweeter and build a cabinet. He is involved with all aspects of design including the cone structure, magnet and used all his expertise in designing these speaker from the ground up. That including the drivers themselves.
    The result is a disruption of the loudspeaker business... because these speakers completely change paradygm of how good a loudspeaker can sound for how little it costs.
     Woofers. Inexpensive speakers use inexpensive drivers made from inexpensive materials, like paper cones. b

    The Debut woofers use woofen Armid fibers to increase rigidity and lower moving mass allowing the woofer to respond quicker. This extends frequency response and increases power handling ability, often a problem in a low price speaker. The woofers included vented pole pieces and oversize magnets.
&n    The Cabinet.
Designing a loudspeaker is part science, part technology and part art. The science is more fluid dynamics rather than electrical engineering. The whole point of the cabinets is to absorb the compression ofthe air as the woofer moves back, otherwise the front and rear waves would cancel out the sound.
    Anti resonant thick MDF is used. The grilles are attached with metal, notrubber holders which always break.
    New tweeter. The tweeter is mounted in a deep spheoid custom waveguide for increased dispersion. There is a grille covering the tweeter to keep little fingers from pushing in the tweeter.
&nbsThe Crossover. Electrical parts inside the speaker direct which audio frequencies go to the tweeter and the woofer. The design, tolerances and quality of the parts are critical for good sound quality. The Debut 5 uses a 7 element crossover.
   Elac Debut 4 Compact Speaker
  • 2 way bass reflex coming soon
  • Bass driver 4 in
  • Tweeter 1 inch cloth dome
  • $179.99 pair

  •    Elac Debut 5 Bookshelf.
  • 7.87 in wide 12.75 in tall 8.75 in deep
  • 46 Hz to 20kHz
  • Crossover 3000 hz
  • 120 watts max power
  • 85 db spl
  • 6 ohms nomial impedance
  • Woofer 5 1/4 inch
  • Tweeter 1 inch cloth dome
  • $229.99 pair

  • Elac Debut 6 Bookshelf
  • 8.5 in h 14 in tall 10 in d 14.3 lbs
  • 6 ohm nomial impedance
  • 87 db sensitivity
  • Crossover: 3000 Hz
  • Woofer 6.5 inch
  • Tweeter: 1 inch cloth dome
  • $279.99 pair

    JUST ARRIVED NEW UNI-FI "HIGH END " $500 PAIR Bookshelf Model with Concenttric tweeter and midwoofer for unprecented stereo imaging