Outstanding ELAC Debut Reference:
Bookshelf $600  Tower $1200
With the Debut Reference, (Bookshelf) Andrew Jones, Andrew Jones has done it again. A must-listen speaker for anyone shopping around this price point. And, if it sits slightly beyond your means, maybe consider a compromise elseware, in the playback chain. You will thank yourself later. Phil Wright December 2020 Darko.Audio
Ah, what a joy. Just put the Debut Reference on a stand, no fiddling, no adjusting. It sounded superb.Balanced sound with tons of detail. Bass output was impressive. Despite usng a single, it filled my massive space with plenty of energy. Audio Science. March 2020
We love their midrange (Bookshelf) performance. It's clear and impressively delicate without sounding forward or overly etched...Elacs truly shined. They dig deep into vocals and bring out the nuances and texture as speakers that cost hundreds more, while shading dynamics with ease and elegance that is rare at his level.  WhatHi-FI. December 2020
Elac is a German Hi-Fi company. It was started in 1926, making it one of the oldest companies in the audio business. Elac made their first turntable in 1948. During the hey day of the hi-fi business Elac Miracord turntables were a major brand. As turntables faded, Elac focused on loudspeakers. Elac speakers for perfectionist designs and rather expensive.
     In 2015, world reknowned speaker designer and engineer left Pioneer to join Elac. Andrew Jones was involved with KEF in England, later Infinity. He designed critically acclaimed $80,000 speakers for Technical Audio Devices, Pioneer's pro divsion, plus ultra affordable, very successful Pioneer speakers. He designed Elac, Debut series, a 5 1/4 bookshelf for $229 pair. They received critical acclaim from the magazines that reviewed $80,000 speakers. After their success, version 2 of the affordable Debut series was introduced.
     Due to their success, the Debut Reference was introduced. The bookshelf uses a 6 1/2 inch woofer, with Aramid fibers, butnow with a cast basket. The cabinet offers higher build quality, thicker, MDF and better bracing. The crossover refined. A special dual flared port improves bass. The high frequency driver is the same, but special detail has been in design of the waveguide, improving sound quality. A metal mesh protects the tweeter from tiny prying fingers.
     The Debut Reference Bookshelf is $600 pair. The floor stander uses three woofers. They are $1200 pair.Plus, there is a matching center.  Both come with a dark walnut, with a black baffle and grey grille or an light oak finish with white baffle and grey grille.

2-WAY Bass Reflex
Frequency Response: 44 Hz to 35,000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 86 db@ 2.83v/1 meter
Crossover frequeny: 2200 Hz
Maximum rated power 120 watts
Tweeter: 1 inch cloth dome
Midrange: 6.55 in Aramid Fiber
Woofer: 5.25 in Aramid Fiber
Dual Flared Ports
14.13 inches high 8.18 in wide 10.8 in deep
18 pounds



3-WAY Bass Reflex
Frequency Response: 42 Hz to 35,000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 87 db@ 2.83v/1 meter
Crossover frequeny 90Hz 2200 Hz
Maximum rated power 140 watts
Tweeter: 1 inch cloth dome
Midrange: 5.25 in Aramid Fiber
Woofer: Two 5.25 in Aramid Fiber
Three Dual Flared Ports
40 inches high 7.3 in wide 9.5 in deep
36 pounds


New Dual Flared Port
New internal bracing