Audio-technica ATLPW40 $299.  A beautiful wood grain plinth made out of MDF to be heavy and reduce acoustic vibrations is what first captures your eye. But, the real audio quality likes in the carbon fiber tonearm. Usually found on far more expensive turntables. Carbon fiber is very rigid, yet very light, combined with an excellent low friction bearing provides for excellent tracking of the record. But, that's not all, the Audio-technica ATVM95E, eliptical cartridge has been top rated by Stereophile magazine against some well known competition. Plus, this cartridge can be upgraded by simply replacing the styus with a higher level stylus. You don't have to change the cartridge. Speed sensing insures accurate rotation and easy knob switch changes from 33 to 45. You don't have to change a belt.
Close up shot of the carbon fiber tonearm and Audio-technica AT-VM95E cartridge. Detachable headshell allows easy cleaning of stylus, stylus replacment or easy cartridge replacment. But, the cartridge can be upgrade by buying a high level stylus. This Audio-technica cartridge has been critically reviewed in Stereophile magazine and the Absolute Sound. Not only have they praised the musical quality of this very affordable phono cartridge, but upgrading with a new stylus that tracks the grooves better results in outstanding musical sound quality from a very affordable, carbon fiber tonearm turntable.
Simulated wood grain on heavy MDF medium density fiberboard, which most speakers are made off. This helps acoustics vibrations from effecting stylus tracking
Built-in phono stage boosts the small signal from your phono cartridge and applies RIAA phono equalization, boosting bass and cutting treble to provide flat frequency response. This allows the ATLPW40 to be used with AV receivers or line stage amplifiers that do not have a dedicated direct phono input