NEW DUAL CS429 AUTOMATIC Belt Drive $799. 
In stock This Dual's tonearm doesn't offer the same precision as the 518 above, but is still a top notch turntable.Dual was famous for their fully automatic turntables.
NEW! Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO. $600  New improved version of the famous Debut Carbon. Ultra low mass carbon fiber tonearm. Sumiko cartridge pre-installed. Vibation reducing sub platter. Electronic speed box.
AT-LP140X $479. An Extrodinary High Quality Turntable
A very high quality direct drive turntable. Heavy anti resonant base. S-shaped tonearm. Detachable headshell. Special anti-dampening coating to underside of platter. Heigth adjustable tonearm. Pitch contol with quartz lock. Plays 78s. Strobe light.
Audio-technica AT-LP3BT Automatic Turntable. $329. Now with Bluetooth
One of the very few, quality turntables on the market that have automatic operation. Push play, they move the arm, and when finished return the arm Includes a built in phono preamp.
White is discontinued. Black. Wirelessly connect to Bluetooth headphones
Audio-technica AT-LP120X Direct Drive Turntable. $349. Back in stock
A heavy anti-resonance base is important for vinyl playback. The S shaped arm reduces tracking error. Detachable headshell for easy cartridge upgrade. Plays 78s. Speed adjustment. S-shaped tonearm reduces tracking error.  

AT-LP120XBT BLUETOOTH Direct Drive Turntable. $399.
Audio-technica AT-LP1240 Top of the Line Direct Drive DJ turntable. $550
Designed as a clone of the Technics $4000 Direct Drive, this AT model even incluedes the non cogging brushless and slotless motor. This is a hunk of a turntable.ç
Pro-Ject Automat A-1.  $499 In Stock!!!!!
A Brand New! Made In Germany. The new and first automatic turntable from Pro0Ject. Push a lever and the arm lifts, moves over the record and lowers and at the end, lifts, returns to rest and shuts off.
DUAL IS BACK!  CS-518 Double Gimbal Arm Belt Drive. $799.   Back when everyone bought a turntable, the go to high quality brand was Dual. While Dual has continue to manufacture turntables they only now have returned to the US market. Shown here is the CS518 which includes the very high precision dual gimbal low friction tonearm. This belt drive manual turntable also plays 78s.
In stock Denon DP-300F Full Automatic Turntable.   Now $429 
This is one of the very few turntables that offer full automatic operation and yet are a precision record playing device ... not a record "grinder." Push a botton and the arm lifts, moves over the record and slowly lowers to play your album. At the end, it lifts, returns to rest and shuts off. Belt drive for low motor noise. Built-in defeatable preamp. Detachable headshell.
Pro-ject T-1. With Glass Platter Turntable.   Now $449 
This is one good looking turntable, and quite a precision record playing machine at a very reasonble price. The glass platter not only looks grett, but is a anti-vibration that improves sound quallity.
Pro-ject T-1SB. With Glass Platter Turntable.   Now $499  This upgrade version of the T-1 has a built-in phono preamp with RIAA eqalization that allows you to plug the turntable into a line level (CD, tape, VCR) input in case your receiver does not have a Direct Phono in. Plus, It has Speed box that allows you to change spees at the push of a button instead of changing the belt pulley.