Turntables at Alterman Audio
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. $399.
Pro-Ject is an Austrian company who high quality, affordable turntables helped bring back vinyl. Carbon Fiber tonearm. Dual platter. Available in 7 colors. More...
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB. $599.
Add a heavy. Acrylic anti-resonant platter for improved rotational stability. Add Electronic speed box, which lets you change speed with a push of a button, and with belt change play a 78 old record. Shown here in white white.
The Classic Esprit SB by Pro-Ject . $1499. New version coming, Super closeout price!!!!
From the finely machine aluminum platter to the ultra high quality Bluepoint No 2 moving coil phono cartridge, this turntable oozes quality. Based on the classic turntable designs, a modern multi suspension system isolates the platter from airborne sonic vibrations. Wood base.
Audio-technica AT-LP3 Automatic Turntable. $249. Now only $199
One of the very few, quality turntables on the market that have automatic operation. Push play, they move the arm, and when finished return the arm This A-T is brand new and includes a built in phono preamp.
White or Black
Audio-technica AT-LP120 Direct Drive Turntable. $299. New version Now $249
A heavy anti-resonance base is important for vinyl playback. The S shaped arm reduces tracking error. Detachable headshell for easy cartridge upgrade. Plays 78s. Speed adjustment. Black or silver (above)   details
Audio-technica AT-LP5 Direct Drive Turntable. $450.
New Deluxe version of AT-120 with heavier base, new improved tonearm and pure audiophile performance at a reasonable price.
Sony PS-HX500 $499
A high quality turntable with built-in phono preamp section and AtoD converter. While some cheap turntables have convert vinyl to MP3 or even CD standard this Sony can create ultra high resolution music files using Sony's DSD Super Audio format for the very highest quality sound reproduction