Alterman Audio Sells Affordable Fantastic Subs and for Those That Demand the Best Reference Quality Models Too.
Golden Ear ForceField 3. $649. What a great name for a subwoofer... "ForceField." We sold dozens, no hundreds of Definitive Technology SuperCube 3 at $699. In direct A-B comparisons, Sandy Gross's new Golden Ear Technology ForceField 3 for only $499 played louder, went down lower. Had quicker, tigher, more musical bass. 8 inch long throw bass driver. 1000 watt digital amp. Huge rubber feet for sound isolation. Quadratic planar infrasonic radiator improves bass. We sell lots of these!
Golden Ear ForceField 30. $899. The ForceField 4 has a better and more powerful built-in amplifer. It is the same amp developed and utlized in the top rated audiophile floor standing Triton Two $3500 speaker. It has 1200 watts! Uses a 10 inch ultra stiff, computer optimized, fiber cone. Massive, high gauss magnet assembly. An 11 inch by 13 inch down firing Quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. Cabinet design with non parallel walls. A fantastic sub at a fantastic price!
Golden Ear ForceField 40. $1299. The top of the Forcefield line. Twelve inch bass driver. 1500 watt digital amplifier. 12 3/4 by 14 1/2 inch Quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. We mentioned above the non-parallel walls of the cabinet that help control internal reflections and help stiffen the cabinet itself. The internal amp uses very powerful digital processing to control the woofer, soften clipping and to perfectly match the woofer, voice coil, and cabinet air for the most accurate bass response. In fact, the cabinet design, down facing radiator mimic what audiophiles call a transmission line woofer that most engineers say make the best bass.
Golden Ear SuperSub X. $1750. Sandy Gross got a patent for this one. This sub is very compact, as shown by the 12 inch vinyl record. This sub makes extrodinary deep, powerful, transient, musical, dynamic bass! A dual plane, inertially balanced driver along with two passive radiators pressurize the room 360 degrees. This creates a much smoother coupling to the room. Two horizontally opposed 8 inch long throw drivers couple to the passive radiators vertically. A 1400 watt digital amp with DSP advanced processing is utilized. The SuperSub XXL uses two 12 inch and 1600 watt amp. $1999.
SVS S-1000 12 inch Powered Sub. $599. This sub is compact, (13 by 13 by 13 in) yet has a 12 inch bass driver usually found on bigger more expensive sub. Plus, its front firing. It features a high power voice coil for better thermal management. A lightweight cone inproves transient response. Rubber surround for a longer life. The built-in amp uses Class D circuitry and is rated 300 watts RMS, 720 watts peak power. Available in piano gloss black or gloss white for $699.
SVS SB-2000 Powered Sub $999. This SVS's best selling sub. It offers flowless transient response (the ability to move quickly) very low frequency response (rated down to 19 Hz) and very intelligent processing. It uses a 12 inch, front firing, bass driver with cast aluminum basket. Extended pole piece improves heat transfer. It has 500 watts RMS, 1100 watts peak power, Sledge STA=500D. Class D circuitry. Adjustments include variable level, continuously variable 0 to 180 degree phase control and variable 50 to 160 Hz low pass filter. $700 in gloss piano black finish.
SVS SB-4000 Reference Sub. $1899. This is SVS's latest and top of the line subwoofer. Just introduced, it is getting all kinds of rave reviews. The fit and finish is outstanding. There's an App, which uses your phone's mic to evaluate and adjust for room acoustics. There are all kinds of personal settings. A front panel display is readable from your listening position. This sub exceptional low frequency extention and produces huge SPL levels. Analog Devices advanced DSP controls the amp. The amp uses MOSFETS, Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors. This special type of transistors is unheard of in a subwoofer amp, and used in audiophile grade high end ampliiers. It combines the advantages of tubes with transistors. The amp is rated 1200 watts RMS, 4000 watts peak. The motor assembly is 37 pounds. This speaker weighs 102 pounds. It uses edge wound wire with a 3 inch voice coil. Come Listen!
NEW LINE OF ELAC SUBWOOFERS. NOT SHOWN. When Andrew Jones, well respected, world reknowned speaker engineer and designed moved to ELAC, it surprised the audio world. But, when Andrew Jones introduced the Debut Line of super affordable loudspeakers, that received super amazing reviews by the audio pundits and critics the evaluate $80,000 speakers, Elac became DISRUPTIVE TO THE AUDIO BUSINESS.