Digital Disc Players.
Why You Should Want One.
     Why? Why when you get all kinds of video programing, music channels, news, newspapers ... just about everything on your phone.
      And, you can play all this on your TV.
      So, why on earth would want an old fashioned disc player?
      Well, if you are going to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to all your music from your phone, using your phone, you certainly don't need a disc player.
     But, if you are going to get, or have a nice big flat panel, hang on the wall TV, a new 4K TV, you should want a disc player!
      There are lots and lots of movies in 4K you can view on Netlix. There's also Amazon Prime, YouTUBE, and other on line providers with 4K programming.
       And Blu-ray movies are not 4K. They are HD... Full HD 1080p.
      The reason you might want a disc player, is ther are lots and lots of movies you can rent from Netflix on a disc, that are not available on line from Netlix. Netflix movies available from them on a disc are higher tier, blockbuster movies.  
     What about Disney movies? They are not on line. Kids have Disney DVDs (or Blu-ray) discs you can't get on line. The Blu-ray player plays DVDs.
     Suppose its Mardi Gras. Try searching for Mardi Gras songs on Pandora or Spotify. Stick in "Mardi Gras in New Orleans" CD and all your favorites are right there, no searching, no pauses, just play them all. Most folks don't know Blu-ray machines play regular music CDs.

  While picture quality for 1080 is pretty good coming through the internet, the audio soundtracks are are not as good of quality you get from Blu-ray. Some movies use 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, but other movies that are supposed to be in 5.1 are actually in old fashioned Dolby Pro-Logic that went out of use in 1999.
     People are listening to music from their phone, getting Internet radio, Pandora or Spotify. Yet, the sound quality from Pandora is no where as good as the CD. The CD is a 36 year format, and Pandora send 10% of that 35 year format over the Internet. So, a CD playing through a receiver and good speakers will sound a lot better than most Internet music.
     If you have an older receiver with HDMI connections, a Blu-ray player like the Sony shown above will let you get on line streaming services, like Netflix, or Pandora, Spotify without using your phone.
     While most AV receivers have Bluetooth, and you can send music into a receiver via Bluetooth, Bluetooth severely limits sound quality.
     A basic Blu-ray player lets you get a better picture and sound than on line. A Blu-ray plays DVD movies. It plays regular music CDs with significantly better sound than Internet music. it will play music, including High resolution music, better than CD quality from a flash drive or hard drive.
      It gets you Intenet music and movie apps that your older receiver doesn't get.
      The Sony BDPS3700 shown above gives you all this for $79.99
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