Alterman Audio Has a Wide Array of Compact Loudspeakers That Fit on a Bookshelf and Some That Easily Mount on a Wall
ELAC DEBUT 5.2 $249. Elac is a 90 year old German HiFi company, best known for turntables back in the day. A few years ago, Andrew Jones became head speaker engineer and designer. While Andrew Jones is known for his $80,000 TAD speakers, the Elac Debut 5 at $229 pair received critical acclaim in the magazine to that evaluate $80,000 speaker. Brand new Debut Series 2 just announced with many improvements.
Boston Acoustics A25. $299. People come in and say how they love their Boston speakers they bought twenty years ago, and how they still sound great and work perfect. This current model is a 2-way system with 5 1/4 woofer and cloth dome tweeter. They sound really really good and in their piano black gloss finish look outstanding. A keyhole slot on the rear lets them easily hang on the wall. A26. $399. with 6.5 inch woofer.
SVS Prime Bookshelf $499. SVS is a 20 year old speaker company best known for making subwoofers in the Ohio area. They got new owners, new money, and new blood and have had dramatic growth, becoming a major speaker player. And justify ably so. The quality of parts, the build fit and finish and the musical sound reproduction of these speakers is outstanding. Shown here in beautiful piano gloss black premium finish $599. Ultra Bookshelf $999
Golden Ear Aon Two. $799. Ninty-nine percent of all loudspeakers use a round dome tweeter. A tweeter reproduces high frequencies and must move back and forth ten, twenty or even thirty times per second. It must be lightweight with low inertia to do this. Golden Ear speakers use a different kind of tweeter called the Heil Air Motion Transformer. It ultra light plastic diaphragm can move faster and more accurate to better reproduce sound. Aon Three. $999