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Neal Young's PONO HiRes music player

Neal Young's High Resolution Music Player

Did you see Neil Young on Stephen Colbert the other night? His passion, his goal of perfection to make his music wondefull includes developing a music player that reproduces all the sounds, all the air, all the atmosphere... all the emotion that music creates live. Music over the internet compresses all the digital data and life. High resolution music can sound like real music. Teaming with top engineers from Boulder Colorada (who I know well) Neil Young's PONO player is rated CLASS A by Stereophile magazine for sound quality. It's price is only $399. You can give it a critical listen at Alterman Audio's new store and its in stock.

New Elac Concentric Tweeter Floor Standing Speaker

JUST ARRIVED!!! ELAC UNI-FI "HIGH END" LOUDSPEAKERS. I put HIGH END in quote because a $499 pair of bookshelf speakers and $1000 a pair tower is hardly high end. But, these speakers use a concentric tweeter-woofer design which allows the high frequencies and midrange to emancipate out of the loudspeaker at the same physical point in space. The technology dramatically improves the 3 dimensional perception of sound or imaging. It makes a singer sound like he is there in front of you. This is high end and originally introduced by KEF speakers from England which Andrew Jones help design and engineer years ago. Come give these a listen. INTRODUCTION SPECIAL $399 PAIR BOOKSHELF and $799 PAIR TOWER!!!!!

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