Remember, We Run the Wires and Install it All too.
      Back in the day, everyone wanted a great high fidelity stereo component system. The bigger the speakers the better. The more wattage your amp produced the better.
      Then Sony introduced Beta-Hi-Fi with high quality stereo sound. At the time, in the movies Dolby Stereo was used. But, even then, movie theaters had surround sound. Walt Disney was first in 1941 with Fantasia. In the 1950s all the wide screen Cinemascope movies used multi channel surround sound. Ray Dolby improved the quality of that sound and using only two channels of a stereo soundtrack, mixed front and rear soundtracks.
       A small company released a home use surround sound decoder. LaserDiscs came out, then DVDs, and now Blu-rays. And soon, all the big names that made stereo receivers were offering Dolby surround sound receivers. And they still do today. Today, except for some really low price models, low power $149 models you'll find at Best Buy, there are very few high quality stereo receivers on the market. Most all surround sound receivers with five, seven, and now even 13 amplifiers built in.
       Lots of folks really don't want to run wires and hook up all those speaker for surround sound. And many, really just want to listen to records, CDs, the radio, or Pandora or Spotify, and want to sound better than on their phone.
       Introduced to the world, at the Monteleon Hotel in the French Quarter, less than a month ago, the brand new, long over due, high quality music listen Denon DRA-800H modern, yet old school stereo only... for music listening receiver.
       The Denon DRA-800H is rated honest audio power: 100+100 watts, over the full audio range, 20Hz to 20,000Hz at 8 ohms with 0.08% THD. So, it can drive, loud and clean almost any speaker, very big or small!
       This AM and FM receivers is designed without shortcuts, pun intended. Circuits with minimum paths are used. Carefully chosen, and critically audition parts are used. Discrete left and right channel amps insure excellent stereo separation.
     With the comeback of vinyl records, a high quality phono preamp section is included. But digital connections via coax and optical allow hookup of a TV with some really good speakers (although not surround sound.) But, there are also 5 HDMI inputs, which support the latest 4K standards. Play Hi resolution music files, 192K 24bit or DSD via your network or from a hard drive plugged into. And this Denon sports built-in HEOS. With other HEOS components around the house, wirelessly listen to music, even a turntable plugged into the receiver. Talk to the receiver with Alexa or Google Home Assistant.
     There is Speaker A and Speaker B connections, and a 2nd zone preamp output. Front panel tone controls allows easy adjustment.
     There is really no competition to this new Denon DRA-800!
     Price: $499
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